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“Why go far when the good is so close!” This proverb could have come from Madeira. The warm foothills of the Gulf Stream (year-round water temperature 18°C – 24°C) and the protected habitat offer a biodiversity that can almost be compared to tropical waters. Garden eels as far as the eye can see, parrotfish, trumpetfish, pufferfish, triggerfish and black coral make for a truly exotic ambience. Large fish such as giant groupers, mackerels, barracudas, rays and – with a bit of luck – manta rays or a monk seal can also be seen on the house reef.

The dive centre has been in Madeira for over 40 years and under the management of Stefan Maier since 1997. Due to our high standards, as well as the excellent service, we are the only ISO 24803 certified dive centre in the Atlantic and the only one awarded by the President of Madeira.
We have also been nominated 17 times as “Best Dive Centre in the Atlantic” and have won the Diving Award 9 times.

The best way to reach the diving school is via the very modern and well-kept grounds of the Sentido Hotel Galomar. A lift takes divers comfortably and quickly to the base and swimming area. In the clear, deep blue Atlantic you can immediately see the outlines of the extensive, rich in fish house reef, which is located directly in the underwater nature reserve.

  • 6 top dive sites directly at the base, 20 m to the water
  • Directly in the UW- nature reserve Garajau, from 4m to 33 m depth
  • Atlantic and tropical fish diversity
  • Steep walls, tunnels, caves, reefs, breakthroughs
  • Daily guided dives for inexperienced divers
  • Independent diving for experienced buddy teams
  • Freediving stations at 5m, 10m, 20m and 30m
  • Ideal for families and snorkellers
  • Boat trips, Nitrox, Bonex scooters, new rental equipment every 2 years

Our qualifications: IAC/CMAS Course Director and Examiner, SSI A-Instr.Trainer and state approved diving instructor. Diving instructor assistant training, many special courses, such as Nitrox or biologically guided dives round off our programme.

House Reef

Diving at the house reef, directly in the marine reserve – it simply doesn’t get any better than this! Extremely short walking distances to the various entry points, spoil the divers. With its 6 different spots, the base is centrally located in the fish-rich house reef – simply get into the water, right in the middle of Madeira’s underwater nature reserve. For example, there is a huge grotto with an air bubble, a steep wall or through the tunnel of the “Arena” with its large schools of fish to discover. The varied diving areas here go to a diving depth of 34 m, which is great for snorkeling and freediving and also ideal for introductory as well as beginner courses. Perfect for daily guided dives, but also for experienced divers and pros who want to explore the area independently with a partner/buddy. All house reef spots are sheltered from the wind and safely located in front of the large rocky point “Ponta da Oliveira”.
Due to the predestined location, even the short boat trips with our special diving boat to the top spots such as the famous Cap Garajau with its large hand-tamed groupers, barracudas and mackerels, the Blue Hole known as a huge blue grotto with a myriad of trumpet fish or to our new and extraordinary wreck “an 85 m long Corvette”, are no time-consuming. Due to the warm tides of the Gulf Stream and the protection of the Underwater National Park, there is a very large variety of species here. The best boat diving spots are visited several times a week (depending on the weather); about 10 different boat sites, with travel times between 5 and 30 minutes.

Equipment and Installations

ISO Certification

Only Dive center in Madeira and Atlantic Ocean with EN14467/ISO 24803 certificate

9 time award winner

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