The diving programm of Manta Diving Madeira has one more attraction! On 04.09.2018, the corvette "Afonso Cerqueira" was sunk infront of the Island and is now on its last mission as an artificial reef, attraction for rich marine life and magnificent scenery for photo ports, scuba divers and free divers. The corvette "Afonso Cerqueira" was builed in 1973 in Cartagena, it belongs to the "Baptista de Andrade" class, is 85m long and was in service from June 1975 to March 2015. It was tasked with conducting surveillance and rescue missions in the Azores, Madeira and the EEZ, as well as participating in national training exercises and international exercises with other naval forces. Now it lies at a depth of about 12 to 30 meters and is an integral part of our diving program ... and with all submersible decks, rooms and cannons a real top wreck.



Geographical location:
32° 38´ N
16° 54´ W
Depths: 33 m
Type of dive site: Boat dive, surrounded by blue water
Visibility: About 25m, depending on the season
Water temperature: Summer ca. 24°C, Winter ca. 18°C
Current conditions: Slide west-east current
Distance from the diving center: ca. 35 minutes by boat
Suitable for: Experienced divers
Special features: Easy underwater orientation
UW-Flora/Fauna: Atlantic and tropical diversity