A great boat diving spot for both beginners and more experienced divers! Already in the shallow water we can find the first examples of  clown fish, trumpet fish and parrot fish. Slowly we continue diving along a steep wall down to 18 meters depth, where we can a find a population of moray eels, shrimp, monk fish, as well as, large shoals of sardines and barracudas.

This reef is only a short boat drive away from Manta Diving Center. A comfortable ladder on the boat assures an easy and safe entrance and exit from the water.


Geographical location:                    32° 28´ N
                                                    16° 51´ W
Depths:                                         ca. 5 m - 27 m
Type of dive site:                            Boat dive; one-way dive
Visibility:                                       About 25 m depending on season
Water temperature:                        Summer ca. 24°C, Winter ca. 18°C
Current condition:                           Slight west-east current
Distance from the diving center:       ca. 5 minutes by boat
Suitable for:                                   Beginners and experienced divers
Special features:                            Easy underwater orientation
UW Flora/ Fauna:                          Atlantic and tropical diversity