Together with the renowned and successful German underwater photographer, Thomas Heckmann, Manta Diving is organising a special Foto Workshop in Madeira. Thomas has been an underwater photographer for more than 25 years and has taken part in over 200 national and international UW-Contest!

Thomas Heckman main achievements are:

  • German champion in underwater photography in 2007.
  • First multiple winner of Germany´s most prestigious underwater photo competition
    "Lous Bouton".
  • Winner of several south and north Germany UW-Contest.
  • Several times winner in „Team Germany“ as captain and individual participation. 
  • International Awards: “ Underwater Photographer of the Year” in year 2016 in England;
    “Beneath the Sea” in the USA; "PafTachov" in Czech Republic, among others.

Thomas is also a big Madeira fan above and bellow water!
In celebration of the 35th anniversary of Manta Diving Center, Thomas will offer an underwater Foto Workshop and reveal his insider knowledge about the dive sites, the inhabitants and the photo opportunities in Madeira!

To get started, he will show some sample pictures. Then, by means of special techniques, equipment and exercises, he will help participants to achieve more creative underwater pictures.

We will use as much time possible to practise underwater and then to discuss improvement possibilities of each picture.  For this you should read the operating instructions of your camera and know how to use the basic functions.  

We will have a professional model available to enhance your wide-angle images. We will also work with extraordinary wide-angle images with scooters and freedivers in the background. Besides, June is the sting ray mating season in Madeira and they commonly gather at our house reef by the "Lava Finger".  
You will have the chance to repeat the photos in our house reef in order to improve even more your skills.

We will also have the chance to observe closely the brown grouper, the biggest coast fish in Europe, when we visit by boat the UW-Nature Reserve of Garajau. Luckily these large groupers do not live beyond 40 meters depth and can often be found in depths between 20-30 meters, giving us more time for good pictures! At this diving spot in Garajau we will also have the unique opportunity to take pictures of large swarm fish, which now a days are rarely seen in European waters.   

Back at our house reef, we will dive in the Ponta da Oliveira cave, to work on this type of photos. At the end of this cave there is an air bubble making it possible to emerge and to communicate within the cave. Here we will find light shy beings and if we are lucky, we may also encounter the rarest seal in the world, the "monks seal"! In case we do meet this large mammal we will let him decide if he wants to stay "to play" or rather wants to keep his distance.      

At the diving spot "Arena", also in our house reef, we will practise landscape photography with or without model. Under the common good visibility conditions of this diving spot the gigantic volcanic rock formation forms a perfect "arena" and is an amazing shooting sight!   

We will be working on a range of different techniques, like creative blur (depending on the manual settings of each the camera, e.g. "Panning"), half and half shots, macro photography, different flash combination, etc.
We will have the chance to experiment the different essays with fun pictures! If you wish, Thomas is happy to provide his camera/housing to experiment.  

As you can see, there is a lot to learn!  smiley